WMS shoes

WMS shoes are the right choice for parents that want to give their children the very best. Parents are constantly concerned about their children’s health and always try to observe and adhere to everything that contributes to their children’s healthy and optimal development. Many parents do not realise that shoes play a role in this – a very important role. Adults often pay more attention to how shoes look rather than how comfortable they are to wear and their health compatibility. However this is a serious mistake, especially for children, as this can have lasting consequences. This is because children's feet are particularly mouldable, especially in the first few years of their lives, therefore shoes have a big influence on the development of the feet. Children’s shoes therefore have to fit well and not force the feet into an unnatural position or be too narrow. In fact is it important to buy high-quality shoes at this stage in life that leave enough room for growth and that do not impede the child when walking. The right footwear is not just important for the feet themselves, children’s shoes also influence the rest of the body, for example the knees and hips. The wrong shoes could lead to joint pain or a permanently damaged posture.

WMS shoes for healthy feet – and healthy children

Our aim is to support and encourage natural and healthy development and our constant motivation is to develop WMS children’s shoes in accordance with children's needs. WMS children’s shoes are characterised by their good fit and high quality.

About 98 percent of all children come into the world with healthy feet. But only around 30 percent of all adults have healthy feet, the majority of whom suffer from foot misalignment or deformities – which can often be traced by to ill-fitting shoes in the early years of development. You can prevent this with the right children’s shoes.

WMS shoes are only produced by licensed WMS children’s shoe manufacturers. You can therefore count on the WMS seal! The special thing about our WMS shoes is that they include an additional length allowance in front of the toes so that the feet can easily unroll and grow healthily. In addition to the perfect fit, we also put great emphasis on high-quality materials so that enough air reaches the feet even in closed shoes and so that the skin does not become irritated.

WMS shoes – finding the right size

Buying shoes for your child only makes sense when he or she can walk more than a few steps independently and can stand confidently on their feet. It is time for the first pair of shoes when your child starts walking independently outside. The German Shoe Institute recommends buying new children’s shoes with an additional length allowance of 9–15 mm. 9 mm will be sufficient for a small child that has just started to walk. If the child can walk, run and jump confidently the allowance may be up to 15 mm. A 1-cent coin is a good visual aid because this corresponds to exactly 15 mm and two good shoe sizes. The additional length in WMS shoes ensures that the toes are not compressed and the foot has the necessary room to grow. The shoe should not be bigger than two shoe sizes, otherwise the child will have too little support in the shoe and there will be a danger that the toes will claw at the sole, which can lead to the misalignment of the toes. Furthermore, the width of the children’s shoes should also be take into account because the shoes should not be so narrow or so wide that they do not provide enough support when walking and running.

The actual length of shoe sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At WMS shoes, we have defined standardised sizes to make shoe shopping as easy as possible for parents. With children’s shoes with the WMS – a natural fit. seal of quality, parents can therefore be sure that standardised size ranges are adhered to. Bear in mind that one shoe size always cover a range of approx. 6.7 mm. Implementation of the standardised sizes is guaranteed thanks to the WMS-specific lasts for manufacturing the shoes provided by the German Shoe Institute.

What do I have to keep in mind when buying shoes?

Many parents worry about doing something wrong when buying shoes for their children. But there is no reason to worry if you keep a few things in mind and seek advice from a specialist shoe shop. The most important rule is to always take children with you shoe shopping. It is not advisable for you as parents to simply buy the next size up from a shoe shop or online shop. Your children must be involved in shoe shopping if you want shoes that fit properly. By doing so, you also save the time and effort involved in an exchange. It is also important that your child tries on both shoes – not just one of them. This is because feet are not always exactly identical and it could be that a pair of shoes fits one foot but pinches the other. To test whether the shoes are long enough and don’t pinch anywhere, we also recommend having your child walk around the shop for a few minutes in the shoes. You can quickly determine whether the shoes are clearly too big or too small. Another tip for shoe shopping: Get your child to walk around for a few minutes wearing just his or her socks before trying anything on. Since new shoes are usually bought when the old ones are too small, it might be the case that your child hunches his or her toes a little. So that this does not influence the measurement for the right size, the foot, especially the toes, should become relaxed by walking around without wearing the shoes that have become too small. We have put together the most important tips for you for buying children’s shoes.

Where can I buy WMS shoes?

You can get WMS children’s shoes in retail stores with well-assorted children’s shoe departments. We have listed our partners for you in our retailer locator. You can also buy WMS shoes from our partners’ online stores. However, we do recommend having your child’s feet measured with a WMS foot measuring device before every shoe purchase and seeking advice from children’s shoe experts so that the shoes fit perfectly according to WMS.