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WMS measuring device

Mechanical foot measuring device for measuring the length and width of both feet at the same time. Shoe sizes 20 – 44.

Click here for the user manual

Price per piece: 229,00€

Baby foot measuring device

Measuring device especially for baby feet.

Sizes 17 – 25.

Click here for the user manual

Price per piece: 22,90€

Baby measure shell - Set

Measuring shell set for baby feet consisting of seven double shells. Intended for measuring baby's feet while sitting. Each double shell offers the possibility to alternately measure the left and right foot. Sizes 18 - 24.

To the user manual

Price per piece: 299,00€

Inside length measuring device

Measuring device for determining the inside length of the shoe. Sizes 20 – 45.

Click here for the user manual

Price per piece: 19,90€

Parent information brochure

Folder DIN long format, 8 pages.

Price per 100 piece: 5,90€

Folder holder

Display stand for the parent information brochure.

Price per piece: 2€

Foot measurement records

Foot measurement record as a foldable card, 85 x 55 mm.

Price per 100 piece: 3,90€

The German Children’s Feet Report (2020)

Spiral bound brochure, size 210 x 210 mm, 52 pages.

Price per piece: 9,80€

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